COMMING SOON! Cooperage Club - Private Barrel

$125.00 - $2,300.00
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Thank you for all the support during our presale, Barrel will be offered again sometime in 2019 so follow us on Facebook or join our newsletter for updates!


Design your own private barrel of Atlas Whiskey, We will make and age it until you think it's ready. Come help us bottle it if you would like and you also get to take the barrel home with you along with all your bottles of Atlas Private Single Barrel Whiskey.

What's Included


-Engraved Name Plate that will mark your barrel as your's. Once bottled it will stay on the wall of our distillery for all to see you have amazing taste.

-Membership to our Cooperage Club for as long as you barrel is aging. (Includes 15% discount when at the distillery, special offers, and first alert on rare bottles)

-Private tastings of your barrel whenever you come to the distillery. *A distiller must be available for tastings*

-The option to come help bottle your Whiskey

-Your name on each label showing this was just for you.

-The empty barrel is yours to keep.


Available Options


- Barrel Size's: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, & 53 Gallon

- Char Level: No.2 , No.3 (Standard), No.4, No.5

- Whiskey Style: Single Malt, Wheat, Rye, Bourbon, High Rye Bourbon, High Wheat Bourbon



Important Facts


*This price does not include the finished bottles of liquor, those will be paid for at time of pickup. The upfront cost only reserves the barrel, which offsets the total cost of all bottles.*

*Barrels will usually yield 3-5 750mL bottles per gallon*

*Bottles cost $25.00 (Plus Tax) Per 750mL Bottle ans $15.00 (Plus Tax) Per 375mL Bottle*

*1 Gal. Barrels only available in #3 char*

*Bourbon barrels may take an additional 6 months to get filled*


Barrel Application will be available for download immediately after purchase. A copy will also be emailed with transaction receipt. Please fill out and sign form and email to within one week of purchase to ensure prompt barrel filling.